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At Legacy Academy, we believe all athletes deserve a great sport experience. From top-notch programming, to effective, professional coaching, to a positive team environment, a great sport experience comes standard at Legacy.


These components are what we provide in all of our programming. They are important not just for achieving success in hockey, but for having fun and getting better!

Regardless of their goals in hockey, we encourage our athletes to 'BE GREAT' and set high standards on and off the pitch.

What does it mean to be a Legacy athlete?


Dare to make mistakes. Dare to learn from them. Don’t shy away from a challenging situation, instead approach obstacles with confidence in yourself and your abilities. Be bold on the pitch, be brave enough to try a new skill, if it fails, try again. Be bold off the pitch, stand up for your values.


Be someone who gives energy to the team, not someone who takes it away. Full effort in every drill and every match not only makes you better, it makes your teammates better. Realize that your effort sets the standard for others. Contribute positive energy and a positive attitude in team environments.


Goalsetting plays a massive role in your development. Carry a notebook, write down your goals, review them often. Ask questions, seek out new skills. Share your goals with your coaches, parents, teammates. Have a growth mindset. Set your own roadmap for your hockey and personal development.


Your teammates, your coaches, the opposition, the officials, and most importantly, yourself. How you carry yourself is a reflection of the team and the organization. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off the pitch, on tour and in daily training. This includes professional channels of communication, how we speak to/about each other, on and off the pitch.


You are a student-athlete. It is your responsibility to be successful in school so that you are able to compete outside of the classroom. Your education is paramount. Take care of your schooling so that you can perform on the pitch. Consider hockey another course, be inquisitive, be a student of the game.


We will all make skill errors and poor decisions, this is ok! Keep your head up, how we learn from our errors is critical to our development. Be at training early, set up the boards, do your home fitness schedule, stretch, make healthy decisions, hold yourself and your teammates to a high standard. Be responsible for your athletic development.


The success of the group is greater than the success of the individual. We are all out here trying to improve, trying to be our best. Everyone will make mistakes, we encourage each other, we help each other. None of us can become great by themselves, it takes everyone.

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