U16 Indoor Program

The Legacy Academy U16 indoor program is a weekly indoor program that will run from October through until April and is designed to equip our young athletes with a solid foundation of technical skills for indoor hockey, and a basic understanding of systems and tactics for how the game is played.

"Indoor hockey is the best way to develop outdoor skills, as the surface, rules, and small spaces force us to accelerate our technical skills, our footwork, and our decision making processes. Indoors is where the magic happens."

At Legacy, we want to build athletes to understand the game of hockey and not just make the right decisions on the pitch, but to understand why they are making them. Our sessions simulate the stresses athletes will face in real matches, and teach them to execute skills under pressure through high intensity mini games, and simulated gameplay.

For those athletes who want to go further in their hockey career and become a competitive player at the next level, this is the program for you! As always, we challenge our athletes to 'Be Great' both on and off the pitch.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: For the 2021-22 indoor season, the U16 program will be combining with the U18 program.