"Nick is a very passionate and skilled coach, his passion transfers over to developing the skills I wanted to improve. He helped open my eyes to new techniques and tactics to bring into ever game."
- Paige Koochin,  OUA Champion York University

What is Legacy Academy?

Legacy Academy is the Calgary-based field hockey academy dedicated to long-term athlete development. We are committed to coaching Alberta’s young athletes to achieve success in field hockey at the high-school level, while preparing them for intercollegiate and national level competition. Using a platform of basic technical skills, spatial awareness, and athleticism, Legacy coaches will teach athletes to excel in field hockey, a sport rich with opportunity both at home and abroad.

Why Field Hockey? Boundless Opportunity

Field hockey is a popular team sport internationally with a large following in Europe, Asia, and Australia. In North America, great opportunity exists to excel in this sport due to a significantly smaller athlete base than sports like soccer, hockey, and basketball. Statistically, athletes face ten times less competition for a place on the field hockey roster of a Canadian or American university than in any of these other sports. It is not uncommon to see athletes from other sports take up field hockey in high school and develop into varsity and often international calibre players. 

How can Legacy help me?

Legacy Academy caters to both the high-performance field hockey player, those just in it to improve their skills for recreational leagues, and anywhere in between. Technical Director and former national team member Nick Hignell will provide athletes with small group coaching to ensure each individual receives crucial coach attention while mastering fundamentals. Our coaching staff includes a certified personal trainer to coach athletes through field hockey specific resistance training and an ex-international goalkeeper to work on position specific technique. We provide each athlete with a module report card highlighting player strengths, areas for opportunity, and recommendations for further development.

Get Noticed!

The goal of Legacy Academy is to get our athletes to the next level of their field hockey career. Maybe that next level is Team Alberta, maybe Team Canada, maybe on to the roster of one of hundreds of universities at home or abroad. At Legacy Academy, we believe that field hockey players in Alberta deserve the same exposure to top-quality competition as exists in other provinces. As a result, we strive to take teams to the biggest tournaments in North America to expose you to the best teams, and those who go there to scout them. National Hockey Festival, The Big Apple Field Hockey Tournament, and The California Cup are all on the list for Legacy's inaugural tournament season beginning in late2018.  


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